Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions §

° All pieces are originals and contemporary, if not otherwise described in a good state of preservation

° Militaria Gross, sells no copies and post-
production to the detriment of the collector

° All offers and descriptions to the best knowledge and belief. Offers, verbal descriptions and explanations ensure no properties within the meaning of Section § 459 of the Civil Code (BGB) to

° All offers are subject to change, prior sale, errors and price changes are reserved.

° Militaria Gross is subject to differential taxation according to § 25 UstG, therefore, the VAT will not be expelled.

° The commodity remains until the complete payment company owned by Militaria Gross.

° The jurisdiction is in any case, the Amtsgericht Straubing.

° The incoming orders are the order of receipt after editing

° Telephone orders are possible

° It is recommended when ordering, to make a replacement order in case as well.

° Delivery will be made only against advance payment or cash on delivery

° In some cases, a delivery on advance of well-known Clients are maybe possible, but only by prior arrangement.

° Installment is possible by prior arrangement.

° Payment of invoices shall be made within 14 days after the invoice date of the invoice. Bills are not paid in full this time, are for Militaria Gross is not binding.

° The shipping domestically and abroad are made by DHL or German Post. When a purchase order will be incurred shipping and handling costs into account. The goods ordered by Militaria Gross properly packed and insured. Through the delivery of the shipment to the post office go all the risks, especially the accidental destruction and accidental deterioration of the buyer.

° Slash-, Stab- and “Stoßwaffen” are only permitted to sell to persons over 18 years.


§ 86 (Disseminating propaganda material unconstitutional organizations)

(1) Who ever Propagandamaterial..


1. ..by the Federal Constitutional Court declared, unconstitutional party or a party or association, identified by the unassailable a member is, that they substitute organization of such a party is..

2. ..from a group calling incontestable is prohibited because it is against the constitutional order or against the idea of international understanding; or detected by the incontestable is that they substitute organization of such an association is prohibited,..

3. ..of a government, organization or institution outside of the geographic scope of this Act, for the purposes of one of the numbers in the point 1 - 2 designated parties or associations, or..

4. .., which by their content to ensure that aspirations of a former Nazi organization continue in the territory covered by this Act or to disseminate widely within this range produces, holds, or in this area, imports or exports, or saving data in publicly accessible, with imprisonment up to three years or a fine.


(2) Propaganda within the meaning of paragraph 1, only those writings (§ 11 paragraph 3), their contents against the free democratic basic order or the idea of international understanding is addressed.


(3) Paragraph 1 shall not apply if the propaganda or the act of civic education, to defense unconstitutional efforts of the art or science, research or teaching, reporting on events of current affairs or history or similar purposes.

(4) If the debt is low, so the court may, by a punishment according to waive this requirement.


§ 86a (Using indicator and signs unconstitutional organizations)


(1) Punished with imprisonment up to three years or a fine will be punished, who is 1st in the geographic scope of this law marks one of § 86 Abs.1 No.1, 2, 4 associations designated parties or publicly disseminated in a meeting or in his popular writings (§ 11 paragraph 3) is used or 2nd Objects that produce such plates, or contain, dissemination or use of the designated number 1 way manufactures, holds, or in the territory covered by this Act introduces.


(2) Marks within the meaning of paragraph 1, including flags, badges, pieces of uniforms, slogans and greetings.


(3) § 86 paragraph 3 and 4 shall apply the same.


As a prerequisite to the acquisition of sales in my offers described contemporary historical and military objects from the period 1933 - 1945, I expect the knowledge of § 86 and § 86 a. This indicates that the use of the above Items solely for purposes of civic education, defense of an unconstitutional and unconstitutional efforts of the scientific and historical research, education or reporting on events of current affairs or the military historical research and “uniformkundlichen” to be made. I offer these items only under this condition.


For each access to content and for every order, I require this knowledge and thus as a logical requirement, objects, with the emblems of the Third Reich are, in accordance with § 86 & 86a for a handle. Specifically, I would point out that a different use, especially in the way of propaganda is in the way of § 86 & 86a prohibited and punishable as a crime by Law.